E-mobility has to be fun

15-2-18 / Formula E

E-mobility has to be fun

What thoughts come to mind when you look back on three seasons that culminated in the Formula E Champion’s crown?

That it was a very exciting period – starting with the very first second when we created the concept for the powertrain together with ABT. It was a continuous learning process of how to find the best compromise between performance and energy efficiency.

What is the technical and emotional motivation for season four?

As engineers, we’re always striving to come up with the best possible technical solution. But in terms of time and money, that’s not always feasible. However, in collaboration with Audi and their resources, we’ve significantly enhanced our powertrain yet again. In Formula E, details and hundredths matter with respect to the components and the setup. Plus, our motivation is obviously unbroken, with victories and titles continuing to be the name of the game…

As a Schaeffler engineer, what is your assessment of the electric mobility megatrend?

For me, electric mobility is a technology that has to be communicated to people via emotions. This is the only way to show that electric mobility can be fun as well. Motorsport and Formula E are perfectly suited for this. And as engineers, we learn a lot from developments for Formula E. Still, I don’t believe that electric mobility is the cure-all for everyone. The various questions about mobility require answers that best meet respective needs, in other words: what type of powertrain is truly suitable for what purpose?