INA covers largest car parc in Europe with tensioner KITs featuring a water pump

4/10/18 / INA

INA se concentre sur les KITs de distribution avec pompe à eau

LANGEN, Germany, 15 November 2016. Under its INA brand, Schaeffler has significantly expanded its portfolio of Tensioner KITs with water pump – making it market leader for this application. With 65 new INA KITs, Schaeffler now covers 150 million vehicles with 230 article numbers. With that, the company is responding to increasing demand for complete solutions when replacing timing drive belts. It now covers more vehicles than any of its competitors.

During the last three years, market demand for a complete repair solution with water pump for fixing the timing drive has more than tripled. “Through the successive expansion of our portfolio, we are constantly adapting it to market demands and are strengthening even more the comprehensive engine expertise of our brand INA,” said Dr. Robert Felger, Senior Vice President Product & Marketing, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket.

Because maintenance intervals are becoming longer all the time, replacing individual parts is hardly ever recommended. When a garage today conducts maintenance on a timing drive, it usually replaces all belt drive components as well as the water pump, avoiding expensive follow-up repairs. With the INA Tensioner KIT with water pump, garages get all the parts they need to do this, including all the necessary accessory parts like gaskets and screws, and even the right thermostat when needed. These parts can be individually combined, making the INA KIT the optimal solution to finishing the work necessary for complete replacement in a single session. This saves time and labor costs.

When it comes to a functioning engine timing drive, the toothed belt is the key component. Together with the tension rollers and guide pulleys, the toothed belt maintains the precise angle required to correctly drive the camshaft, in order for it to be capable of opening and closing the inlet valves at the precise moment. Excessive wear and tear of any of the timing drive parts can cause the toothed belts to fail, which can result in expensive damage to the engine. The water pump circulates the engine coolant and ensures sufficient engine cooling. Water pump deterioration can result in coolant leaking, which could cause overheating or even timing drive failure. Regular maintenance of the toothed belts and the water pump, as well as replacing them all if one is damaged, protects the car owner from expensive damages and extends the life of his engine.

Intelligently put together, the INA Tensioner KIT with water pump is the optimal solution that allows garages to conduct timing belt replacements in a single work session. The robust and wear-resistant materials used for particularly vital components, like the mechanical face seal, prevent Schaeffler INA water pumps from leaking – even under the highest load conditions.