FAG SmartSET – the ready-to-install wheel bearing repair solution for trucks, buses and trailers from Schaeffler in the Automotive Aftermarket

11/8/16 / FAG

FAG SmartSET : la solution de réparation innovante pour les véhicules utilitaires lourds qui fait gagner du temps et de l’argent

With its FAG SmartSET, Schaeffler is now making available in the Automotive Aftermarket a ready-to-install repair solution for wheel bearing replacement on trucks, buses, and trailers. It is pre-lubricated, and pre-assembled with pre-positioned tapered roller bearings, which means this new complete solution can make a vital contribution to reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). And not only that – fitting and mounting the wheel bearing unit is simpler and more reliable than ever before.

'With rising competition and price pressure, the total cost of ownership is increasingly a major focus of fleet operators and transport companies,' says Dr. Robert Felger, Senior Vice President Product and Marketing, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket. 'When a repair is needed, it isn't the cheapest spare part that is decisive in lowering operating costs, but the spare part that promises the longest reliability as seen over the life span of the truck. Whether it's the FAG SmartSET or our patented FAG Repair Insert Unit (RIU), these kinds of holistic repair solutions – in the form of pre-assembled and high-quality wheel bearing units – are key factors in meeting the current needs of truck and bus repair specialists.'

The FAG SmartSET was developed especially for the independent Aftermarket and is ideal for all types of truck, bus and trailer axles that use standard tapered roller bearings. Core elements of the new repair solution are two pre-assembled wheel bearing units – each consisting of tapered roller bearings in an innovative cage design with retaining elements, and specially-coated inner and outer rings. This special coating significantly protects the bearings from corrosion, slip wear and crack formation. A support sleeve pre-positions the tapered roller bearings so that rotating the wheel to adjust the bearings is no longer necessary. The FAG SmartSET is pre-lubricated, which ensures that garage professionals always have the right amount and specified-type of grease. In addition to all this, a permanent dust cover prevents dirt ingress from contaminating the grease. As a complete set that includes a pressing tool, this new solution means a fast, clean, and efficient repair process that minimizes the sources for mistakes and creates cost benefits.

An additional benefit from this new repair solution is when repairing brakes. While standard tapered roller bearings fall apart when the wheel hub is removed, the FAG SmartSET stays intact as a unit within the hub. Typical time-consuming tasks, like cleaning and then lubricating the hub or replacing the shaft sealing ring, are no longer required. Compared to the repair of standard tapered roller bearings, this solution allows garage professionals to save up to two hours per axle depending on the vehicle model.

Initially there are different versions of the FAG SmartSET available, which cover numerous models of major truck, bus and axle manufacturers. For this new complete solution, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket has an installation video and a technical brochure available. More information can be obtained on the internet at the garage portal REPXPERT.