Frequently asked questions

REPXPERT is Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket’s garage portal, designed for independent garages, distributors and schools/universities. It offers all the information and services for the product brands LuK, INA, FAG and Ruville.

No special hardware is necessary to use REPXPERT. An internet connection and a compatible web browser (Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari) are sufficient to use REPXPERT.


What does the REPXPERT membership cost?

REPXPERT membership is free of charge, however special information, e.g. access to specific information and technical manuals are liable to costs. You can use the bonus points you get from the bonus program to pay for these services. Thus, REPXPERT does not cost you anything.

I am a garage owner and member of REPXPERT. I want my employees to have access to the portal and the information it offers, too. How is this possible?

REPXPERT works best with one membership per garage, with all employees sharing a login email address and password to access the site. This allows every one to profit from the services offered by REPXPERT and you can register the bonus points from your vouchers on one common bonus account.

How can I become a member of REPXPERT and use the comprehensive service the portal offers?

Just click on the button REGISTER NOW on and follow the instructions that guide through the registration process. Please mind the following:
  • Pay attention to upper and lower case letters when entering your user name and password o Fill in all mandatory fields, which are indicated by the symbol*
  • Read the Terms and Conditions for the use of REPXPERT carefully and accept them by checking the appropriate box.
After the finalisation of the registration process, you will receive an email confirmation to the email address specified. Please confirm the registration by following the link in this email. Only after confirming your email address you will be able to sign in with your selected password.

I have forgotten my password. What can I do?

If you do not remember the password for your REPXPERT login, please go to, click on "Forgot password?" and enter your email address. Directly afterwards you will receive and email to define a new individual password. If you are still unable to login, please contact the REPXPERT Team via email to

I don't remember the email address I used for the registration or do not have access to this email address anymore. How can I login?

In this case please contact the REPXPERT Team via email to and the team will be able to add a new email address to your account.

I have several REPXPERT accounts. How can I merge them into one account?

The REPXPERT Team is happy to help. Please contact the REPXPERT Team via email to and the team can add a new email address to your account.

I am receiving an error message while trying to choose a new password. What am I doing wrong?

One reason for an error message can be that the preferred password was not repeated correctly. Please also consider that the password must consist of minimum 6 characters, capital and small letters as well as special characters. For security reasons an account will be deactivated if a password has been entered incorrectly too many times. In this case please contact the REPXPERT Team via email to


What are bonus coupons and how can I get them?

The bonus coupons can be found in selected Schaeffler products. Each coupon is based on a unique code with 12 digits. All garages are able to participate in the bonus program. They just need to register on and choose the option "cash bonus coupons". In this section they are able to enter the code to get the points credited to the individual total bonus balance.

I am a retailer. Can I also participate in the REPXPERT bonus program?

Unfortunately retailers are not allowed to participate in the REPXPERT bonus program. The bonus program is exclusively aimed at garages as we would like to avoid a conflict of interest between retailers and garages.

How can I use the registered and cashed in bonus points?

You can use the bonus points in two ways. On one hand you can use them to "pay" for features that are liable to costs, e.g.TecRMI Services (car specific, technical manuals, service plans as well as labor time allowances). On the other hand you may also cash in your bonus points for exciting bonus gifts.

The system gives an error message when I try to register my bonus vouchers. Why?

Pay attention to upper and lower case when entering the code. You do not have to enter any hyphens, they will be added automatically. Make sure, the bonus voucher is still valid and has not yet been registered. The validation date can be found on the front side of the voucher.

Which Schaeffler products include bonus coupons?

Currently 29 Schaeffler product groups include bonus coupons. These are: LuK RepSet (150 points), LuK RepSet Pro (300 points), LuK DMF (600 points), LuK RepSet 2CT (800 points), LuK RepSet CV (3.000 points), LuK GearBOX (150 points), LuK RepSet CVT (150 points), INA Timing Belt KIT and INA Timing Belt KIT with Water Pump (300 points), INA Overrunning Alternator Pulley (150 points), INA FEAD KIT and INA FEAD KIT with Water Pump (500 points), INA Thermal Management Module (300 points), INA Camshaft Phaser (300 points), INA Camshaft KIT (300 points), INA Chain Drive KIT (300 points), FAG WheelSet (150 points), FAG Track Arm Control KIT (500 points), FAG CV Repair Insert Unit / TAM / IU / SmartSET (1.500 points), GEDORE special tools (2 versions) (750/1.500 points).


Where can I find the TecDoc catalog?

With the complete TecDoc catalogue Schaeffler REPXPERT offers you access to all products from all manufacturers. The usage of the catalogue is free. To access it, please login in to REPXPERT and click on the product catalogue button. You can choose between different search options by clicking on the relevant search field and entering your search criteria. It is possible to search directly for article or EAN numbers, for a specific car model by entering the KBA or VIN number, or by using the search by model or engine code option.

Where can I find the Schaeffler product range?

A detailed overview about the Schaeffler product range can be found next to the TecDoc catalog in REPXPERT. Each product is linked to all relevant additional information (brochures, installation videos…)

Can I buy spare parts on REPXPERT?

No, REPXPERT does not sell any parts. Please contact your retail partner.

Why do I need to pay for RMI information?

The RMI services are based on data from automotive manufacturers and is purchased especially for REPXPERT.